Cultural Identity : The Cycle Of Socialization Essay

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Development is a cultural process. Culture shapes who children develop into and how they do so, but they never get to choose their own cultural identity. This begins in the womb; the choice is already made for children. They are born into a cultural identity and as a child grows their cultural identity is developed by the world around them. It is tied to power hierarchies (a system in which people are ranked one above another according to status) and larger systems (a community of meanings that exists outside of the individual).
In Harro’s, “The cycle of Socialization” (2000), the process of how we are socialized into a specific identity is described. The first few parts of the process are being born into the world with our identity chosen, socialization on a personal level, and reinforcement by larger systems. Reinforcement by larger systems plays a very important role in our cultural identity especially the cultural identity of children. They shape what children believe in outside of their home. Children learn certain beliefs and traditions at home but once they socialize with larger systems outside of home such as church, school, or a sports team, these beliefs that were learned are either reinforced or contradicted. This can negatively impact a child’s development if the beliefs they learned from their culture is contradicted. Some might believe what their parents taught them was a lie or might not agree with what their parents believe. They become confused and do not…

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