Cultural Identity And Well Being Essay example

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Is there a relationship between cultural identity and well-being?
This paper will explore the relationship between the psychological constructs of cultural identity and the concept of well-being. In exploring this relationship there will be a consideration on what defines a cultural identity and how it relates with psychological development and well-being. This discussion will be followed by an explanation of different perspectives of well-being including western and indigenous concepts and how it links to cultural identity. This essay will then explore the relational effects that one cultural identity can have on other cultural identities value, beliefs and concepts of well-being. Questions start to form in the human mind from an early age and contribute to what we will become and what are our values and beliefs will be. They drive humans to explore their worldviews and how and where they fit in the world. Baard, Deci and Ryan (2004) argued it is a deep-seated biological primal process that has ensured our continual survival. By finding others that think and act similarly we are offered some protection (Erickson, as cited in Carducci 2015). Erickson (as cited in Carducci, 2015) and Maslow (as cited in Mcleod 2007) argued that the need to belong to a group through cultural identitficaton is a basic building block of human development and well-being. This paper will explore the fundamental beliefs that cultural identity is the driving force behind the creation of…

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