Cultural Domains Within South Africa Essay

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1. The primary objective of this paper is not to comprehensively educate the reader on all facets of the cultural domains within South Africa, rather inform the reader about the various cultural domains that will be identified with regards to South Africa. The first cultural domain will be the highlighting of key historical moments that have influenced South Africa’s current historical standing. The Second cultural domain that will be addressed will be the different types’ of political and social relationship as well as influences that have expanded South Africa’s political standing. The third main point will be to inform the reader as to why the United States has developed an interest in South Africa.

2. South Africa is filled with a rich and interesting history that has been heavily influenced and shaped by that of European settlers over the last 350 years. According to World Fact Book, the first European settlers to arrive and settle in South Africa were Dutch spice traders and explorers back in 1652. The Dutch settlers would settle into the small town of Cape Town South Africa. They would uphold this shipping way station for nearly 160 years before any other European countries would make a presence in South Africa. By the early 1800’s the British arrived at Cape Good Hope, South Africa to establish a solid footing and would begin to exploit natural and human resources. The presence of the British at Cape Good Hope, would drive many Dutch spice traders, referred to as…

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