Essay on Cultural Diversity And The Plight Of African Americans

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In an attempt to prepare art educators for a paradigm shift in the classroom and to develop a cohesive curriculum, this would focus on the needs of the students and require teachers to think about cultures different from their own. While I admire McFee’s interest in cultural diversity and the plight of African Americans; however, her essay is written from a privileged White middle-class perceptive concerning her understanding of African Americans. How does McFee identify six major areas of social change in “America” of the sixties?
The first major social change in “America” is the emergence of “minority” groups. These “minority” groups were predominately African Americans, a part of the second Great Migration from the rural South to the urban North. African Americans moved in masses from the South to the North, referred to as the first great migration in the early 1900s (Mendenhall, 2010). Between 1940 and 1950, another 1.5 million African Americans left the South and over the next twenty years about another 5 million (Holt, n.d). The growing demand for workers in northern factories, living under Jim Crow laws and segregation helped many families make their decision. McFee (1966) noted that desegregation of public institutions was a service to African Americans, opened the door to opportunities and had a dynamic effect on them who would otherwise be living in demeaning conditions. In reality, these so-called opportunities turned into de facto segregation once they reached…

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