Cultural Diversity And Its Impact On The 21st Century Culture

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Cultural diversity has been a vital factor in the aspect of adapting and changing professions toward the 21st century culture. “Since late 1960s the United States faced massive changes on the cultural population due to the drastic development of immigration patters”. Due this change, the US population was introduced to a numerous cultures that attended to adapt to the western culture. These numbers of immigration and growth of minority groups caused a number of adaptations in the American culture to create culturally competent society in terms of diversity.
A diversity adapted society it means “accepting people who are different from oneself or being more inclusive and accepting of students, athletes, or colleagues regardless of color, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation”. With that mentioned, the clinicians should be able to “understand and incorporate different cultures into the daily care, which it is known as cultural competence”. In the professional field of athletic training and/or any other medical care profession it is important to understand, integrate and analyze people from other cultures since that will develop and improve the medical approach and relationship between the clinician with the patient; at the same time, that will improve the credibility and confidence that the patient experience toward his/her athletic trainer.
Moreover, “census has shown that minority populations represented the 30.6% in 2000 and it was expected to increase…

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