Cultural Differences In The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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Approximately seven billion people fill the world.. Each person raised in a different culture and adapted to new traditions. Through the diversity the world has, the similarities arise. In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, an image is created of Amir’s and Hassan’s differences. They are total opposite, yet both play a large role the other’s lives. Despite the class difference, they learned from each other’s actions and grew as equal persons.
Hassan and Amir have quite different personalities and morals in life. Hassan is very loyal and forgiving, while Amir is jealous, self-absorbed, and weak. Hassan always obeyed Amir and always showed his loyalty. As his job was to be obedient, Hassan thought of Amir as his best friend. He never retaliated
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He was born into a wealthier family and was automatically higher ranked. Amir was jealous of what he could not have:Baba's affection and approval. Amir finally made Baba proud by winning the kite fighting tournament, and was astonished by the praise and glory from his father. This was “‘the single greatest moment'" (66). Amir felt loved by Baba (66). Sadly the fame slowly faded when Amir realized Hassan was getting the same praise. He was jealous that he was not he only center of attention. Baba was always favoring Hassan, and treated him the way Amir wished to be treated. Amir did not want Hassan to get praise from Baba when he deserved it in the end. Amir hated how whatever he wanted, Hassan was given. When Amir “asked for a bigger and fancier kite, Baba would buy it for [him]-- but then he'd buy it for Hassan too’” (51). Amir did not think it was fair and did not understand why Baba could not let him be the special son for once. Although Amir was jealous, Hassan did not change the way he acted. He learned to be grateful for what he was given and knew his like could have been much worse for him.. These qualities taught Amir to be appreciative for what he was given and to work hard for what he wants in …show more content…
The two boys had lost their mothers, they both shared the grief of feeling unwanted or the cause for the mother leaving. Amir and Hassan had to learn to rely on their father figures. Amir had Baba to confide in, but he also had Rahim Khan. Rahim always supported Amir and his dreams to be a writer. Ali and Baba were father figures for Hassan. They both loved him and always wanted the best for him. Amir and Hassan learned, most importantly, how they had to stay together to get through grieving the lack of a mother. This taught them how the support systems they built werelife long and were not to be broken.
Devastation occurred when Amir did not stand up for Hassan in the alley. Now knowing they are brothers is heartbreaking. The two boys had to carry the unknowingness that they had a brother for many years. If they would have known earlier, Amir could have been more brave to do the right thing and stand up for his brother. Amir never had the chance to reconnect with Hassan but, by adopting Sohrab, there was an opportunity to rekindle the relationship Amir and Hassan once had. A life lesson Amir had learned long after Hassan had died was to forgive and live in the moment because, that was how Hassan lived his

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