Identity In Jane Eyre

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The Victorian period formally begins in 1837 and ends in 1901. It was a period of social transformations, a situation that forced writers to take action in regard to the social issues of the Community Immediate. Although the forms of romantic expression continued to dominate English literature during the entire century, the attention of many writers went towards other issues; such as the development of English democracy, economic depression, food shortage, low wage, unemployment, the education of the masses, the industrial progress and the materialist philosophy, and the situation of the working class. An example of books that represented the ongoing cultural concepts of this period are “Jane Eyre” and “hard times”. These clearly portray the …show more content…
Jane Eyre demonstrates women’s capability of being passionate and experiencing fulfillment in a marriage in which the partners are equals. Jane Eyre is a woman who resists the limiting conventions of her time. The image of middle-class women in early nineteenth century England assumes that they naturally differ from men in every sense: on a physical and, especially, on an intellectual level. While men are granted physical strength, a woman is weak creatures. For example, Mrs. Reeds hatred towards Jane enables her son, John, to torment the girl. There is also a constant reminder, coming from the servants, about her poverty and worthlessness. This results in a psychological abuse towards young women. One more example is the fact that in the religious boarding school for orphans (the institution Lowood), where Jane was sent, students had a scarcity of clothes and food. This is a major reflection of the Victorian era, it was a hard time for middle and low class. Many people didn’t have the possibility to eat, nor the economic resources to buy coats. Women were not listened to, their voice didn’t matter. This can be seen with Janes’ friend: Helen which didn’t present her opinions in contrast to the passion Jane had when wanting to be

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