Cultural Competence As A Critical Competency Within Higher Education

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1. As diversity, inclusion, and equity are considered fundamental goals of higher education and serve as resources for learning that are valuable for all students (e.g., preparing them for a pluralistic society, democratic workforce, and globalization), discuss the role cultural competence plays as a critical competency within higher education. (b) Describe how cultural competence can be incorporated into policy making, infrastructure, and practice in higher education.
Cultural competence is a critical competency of higher education because it allows students, faculty, and staff to expand their perspective outside their comfort zone. Specifically looking at WKU, there are many student who come from small rural town, never interacting from someone who is different than them. Being a university of international reach, the institution prides itself for the diverse population attracted to the university. For someone who has never interacted with different values, beliefs, and religion, it can come as a culture shock to be in close contact. Students can respond in a variety of ways, but unfortunately the most covered in the media is hate.
For example, with the current events happening overseas, many Muslims are the targeted for many hate crimes and discrimination. People who do not have cultural competence do not recognize the value of the individual and has let fear fuel their hate for the entire culture. If the roles were reversed, I wonder how they would feel being treated…

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