Cultural Competence And Health Care Essay example

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Cultural competence in health care provision refers to the capacity of health care systems to offer good care to patients and accommodate employees, who have diverse beliefs, behaviors, and values to meet their cultural, linguistic, and social needs. It comprises of policies, attitudes, and behaviors that integrate to form a system that can operate efficiently in cross cultural conditions. Healthcare organizations look at cultural competence from two major viewpoints. Firstly, it is a tool to enhance patient care from all backgrounds, social groups, languages, religions, and beliefs. Secondly, it is a tool that strategically attracts potential clients to their organizations and, hence, expands their market share.
Need for cultural competence in health care systems Cultural competence is a crucial ingredient in the attempts by health care systems to close inequalities gaps in the society. It is the only platform where both health care providers and patients can come together, and interact to solve their health concerns without cultural differences in their communication and relationship (Jeffreys, 2006). It is significantly notable that the healthcare systems that are positively responsive and respect client’s diverse practices, linguistic, cultural, and health beliefs in their operations accomplish optimistic results. Cultural competence in healthcare systems may impact:
i. The patient’s perceptions about illnesses and their causes. ii. The processes of healing, wellness,…

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