Essay on Cultural Awareness And Teaching And Learning

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Cultural Awareness

As a future teacher I have learned it is my job and duty as an education to understand, respect and acknowledge every student 's culture. As stated by Gay, “Culture encompasses many things, some of which are more important for teachers to know than others because they have direct implications for teaching and learning. Among those are ethics groups’ cultural values, traditions, communication, learning styles, contributions, and relational patterns”(Gay, 2002, p.107). My goal is to adapt and approach every student on an individual basis, regardless of their culture, ethnicity, learning style or race. This starts with being culturally aware of my surroundings, open minded and compassionate towards my student’s needs.

Social Justice and Equity in Schools

Education is not a one size fits all model. We must alter and retrofit the educational material to provide the best chance for our students to succeed. Spring states, “The problem is the inherent tendency of nation-states to use educational systems to create uniform culture and language as a means of maintaining social order and control. Consequently, it is increasingly becoming the task of the international organizations to protect equal educational opportunity, and cultural and linguistics rights”(Spring, 2016, p.136). As a teacher I will strive to be flexible, well-rounded and an effective communicator to protect equal educational opportunities. I will also be aware of the poor social…

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