Cultural Assumptions Affect The Presentation Of People Essay

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Cultural assumptions affect the presentation of people or groups in media by the stereotypes placed on them by a culture or society. This enables author and directors to represent people with a limited amount of background and have the audiences and reader recognise characters circumstances or identities with such a small amount of information often based on the first description or vision of a character.
For many the homeless people are just the unfortunate souls who sleep on park benches and push around shopping carts full of the remains of their previous lives. There is many common cultural assumptions regarding homeless people but one prevailing theme in literature and film is the inherent danger and sadness in the life of a homeless person. Homeless people are often endangered not only from the often extreme environmental conditions that they must whether but the threat of violence from other’s for something as simple as space to sleep.
Blink and Caution is re-enforces the cultural assumption about homeless people living dangerous and sad lives. In the novel one of the main characters Blink inadvertently gets himself involved in a major crime the disappearance of a CEO of a mining company. Whilst Caution is being pursued by her ex-boyfriend who is a drug dealer and possess a genuine desire to harm her after she stole all his money. Both face danger simply from the circumstances that surround them. Which is show in this quote from the regarding the squat that Blink…

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