Cultural Aspects Of Marriage

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Marriage is one of the very few cultural practices that is upheld by all cultures around the world. Though the customs and rituals associated with marriage in all cultures differ, it is always something that cultures practice to celebrate the union of two human beings. Marriage is consistently culturally based due to most religions viewing marriage as one of the ultimate goals of life (Harris, 1982, p.188). As defined in Cultural Anthropology by Harris (1982), “marriage establishes a continuing sexual relationship between two individuals, backed by legal, economic and social forces” (p.188). However, many see it as simply having the function of ensuring reproduction. Consequently, it is furthermore seen by said individuals as the function of teaching children how to be proper members of society (Ishwaran, 1983, p.1). Many cultures celebrate marriage through a ceremony where family and friends gather together as one to witness the coming together of a loving couple. Marriage is known to have influenced all the aspects of life for the couple that is married, as it blends the lives of two …show more content…
The origins of the wedding ring stem from the conception that upon engagement, women become the possessions of their fiances (Harris, 1982, p. 203). Albeit in our modern day, the engagement ring is not given with this consciously in the mind of the proposer. However, it is still a social norm for the man to ask the woman to marry him; it is considered unconventional for a woman to ask the man. This is because we still have the misconception that the man in the relationship must be the one who is in full command of the relationship (Harris, 1982, p. 203). Furthermore, in Canada we still do believe on a holistic level the traditional roles of men and women in a family setting. The roles of men and women in the family are directly linked to economic situations in Canadian

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