Cultural Appropriation Of Black Language Essay

999 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Students should be against cultural appropriation of black language because it takes away value from black culture, reduces the damage of racial slurs and makes blacks seem uneducated. students should refrain from saying nigga or nigger outside of the black population. When blacks use the term nigga, it signifies unity and common struggle. It has a variety of meanings and variations, some off which are meant as family and friendship. The original term nigger was a neutral term for someone inferior socially and economically, whites turned it into negative meaning during the slave era. When used around slaves learning English for the first time, slaves adapted it and gave it a different meaning to refer to themselves in a community. Whites used it as hateful and threatening tone, creating the belief that being a nigger was a bad thing. When one race or ethnicity uses terms in their subculture, it has different tone and meaning then if another race uses it-- specifically a race known for degrading and humiliating others they believed as inferior. Slang terms used by the black community, when used among themselves is not socially acceptable when used among other races that have an ethnocentric hierarchy. Many people believe that since black people use the term nigga/nigger all the time, so the racial tension and hateful feelings are left in the past and only exist on rare occasions. If African Americans believed that nigger was a racial problem, they would refrain from using it…

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