Cultural Anthropology : Human Culture Essay

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There are many subfields in Anthropology. One of them is cultural anthropology, which is the study of individual cultures mostly through participant observation, living in a culture or learning a culture different from your own. Cultural anthropology seeks to learn and compare cultures to help us as humans understand each other and recognize our diversity (Cloak, Jr., F. T., 1968). Basically, one cannot fully understand a culture without looking at all the features (the whole picture). One of the basic importances of cultural anthropology has been the comparability of all human cultures. Although anthropologists have observed that each human culture is unique and represents a whole way of life for the people within, since World War II there has been greater emphasis upon the comparability concept (Paulsen, F. Robert., 1961). Studies of cultural comparability have indicated that a language or custom developed by one group of human beings can be learned by normal human beings in another group. In fact, anthropologists concluded that people can be shaped in almost any direction (Paulsen, F. Robert., 1961). I believe that sometimes anthropologists focus on routine behavior because it analyzes how an individual acts and interacts in life with other people and with society. It tells us the different customs that people are incorporating into their culture by analyzing their daily routine behavior. Race, religion, and nationalism play an important role in cultural anthropology…

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