Cultural Analysis Of Scholes And Johnson Essay

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Cultural Analysis
Culture is embedded within every organisation; it can be defined as a pattern of beliefs and expectations that are shared by the organisation. These patterns and beliefs then produce the norms and values of the organisation which can impact the behaviour of individuals or groups within the company. Schwartz, H and Davis, S. (1981, p.33). Although organisational culture is so important and can impact upon an organisation’s strategy, some organisations are unsure of what their culture is or how it can impact the organisation. To help define or give a picture of what an organisation’s culture is, Scholes and Johnson (1992) created the cultural web which focuses on the ‘taken for granted’ assumptions (paradigm) of an organisation and then has six interlinking areas around the outside to give a picture of the organisations culture.
One organisation whose culture has been widely scrutinised is Barclays and in particular their investment arm. Barclays was formed in 1896 after twenty private banking firms joined together in what the press at the time called the merger of the well-known Quaker firms. Barclays (2015). In 1997, the Barclays board made the decision to further develop their investment banking and it’s this area of Barclays which will be the focus of a cultural web analysis.
Cultural web analysis of Barclay’s investment arm
Graph adapted from Scholes and Johnson (1992) cultural web analysis.

The cultural web above gives a very negative picture of…

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