Essay on Cuban Cultural Influence On Foreign Military Considerations

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Cuban Cultural Influence on Foreign Military Considerations The Republic of Cuba, an island country in the Caribbean, is located just beyond the southern-most tip of the state of Florida. Due to its closeness, this country is of active interest to the United States and its military, and has been for many years. This interest makes it adamant that an understanding of the culture be established to ensure communications and tactical decisions best suit the ties between these two countries. In parallel, understanding the history between these two countries plays a vital role in capturing this relationship. Looking at aspects of the culture to include geography, population, government and economy, and the military provide a snap shot of expectations when dealing with this country and its people. All of these factors intertwine to intricately weave the culture of Cuba. This paper looks at these factors and the affects they have on the lives of Cubans. A closer analysis of the potential ramifications of each of these cultural aspects on American military tactics is also addressed. A final result of the findings and a summary of the culture of Cuba and its importance to the United States military will close this report. A quick run-through of the last decade or so provides a glimpse into the continued relationship between the United States and the country of Cuba. Quickly jumping back in time to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1961-1962, the political divide between these two…

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