Cryptography Is A Technique For Protect Information Essay

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Cryptography is a technique to protect information is to “scramble” it.If attacker reaches the data, some body cannot read it. This scrambling is also known as cryptography .The word cryptography is derived from the Greek, meaning hidden writing. Cryptography used to convert the data into a secure format. The security makessure that the data are safe. The data may be placed into two methods, the data is in the rest i.e. the data may be stored in computer’s cache memory or hard drives of computer or serverand the data are in motion that means data travels across the network.
To secure the data communication across the network Cryptography follows some specific security protections as confidentiality, integrity, authentication and Non-repudiation.
 Confidentiality: It ensures only authorized parties may view the information.
 Integrity: Ensures that the information is correct and no unauthorized person or malicious software has altered that data.
 Authentication: It is the process that proves the identity.
 Non-repudiation: It is the method that the same person performed the action.
Therefore, to keep the data confidential either in the rest or sending the data over the network into an incomprehensible formis encryption.


Encryption is a “key” element to keep the data secure and confidential. In simple words, Encryption is used to translate the data into a secret code.Encryption is the most important process to achieve the data security. Encryption typically…

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