Essay about Cry, The Beloved Country

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“The tragedy is not that things are broken. The tragedy is that they are not mended again” (56). The chasm apartheid had created in South Africa did not only split the country in two, but left the people unwilling to pursue a change. Amidst the adversity, courageous black and white South Africans such as Alan Paton and Chief Meligqili have spoken out against the madness and have been determined to close the nation’s gap. Without the strength to administer a change, South Africa would have stayed in a lost state of confusion, misery, and hatred. In Paton’s novel, Cry, The Beloved Country, humanity is not only provided with a charge to change but with the motivation to do so. The cataclysm of apartheid has revealed to South Africa and its people the deep need for restoration of the nation and the means of healing their broken homeland.
Alan Paton and Chief Meligqili have both experienced first hand the pain that occurs surrounding a broken country and have responded similarly. With an anti-apartheid approach, both black men have been affected by segregation, suppression, and unjust treatment. The impact this has had on them caused these to make their voices heard. Meligqili argues that South Africa is searching for industrial growth that lies before them in the black South Africans and their natural abilities and talents. He has watched many talents go to waste in the chaos of the world around him. Similarly, Stephen Kumalo, the main character of the novel Cry, The Beloved…

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