Criticism And Feminism In A Doll's House

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Feminism is the act of they way we approach to gender equality, where the idea is captivated through social examinations. Through out history, feminism has grown from the in depth examination of inequality between the genders to more calm, also focuses more on the social economic and gives women the opportunity to show what they can do, which back in the day men would never let women express themselves. In Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 play, A Doll’s House one can see that Ibsen really believed that in his society women did not have equal rights and exposes the sad ways women are depicted as lesser than men through the characters of Nora Helmer, Anne Marie and Christine Linde.
In A Doll’s House, Ibsen draws a perfect image of the role women play in all
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The problems she creates and gets are not just about female characters. Her self search for self identity is a thing everyone goes through. Men, women elderly, everyone has to figure out how to separate themselves from their parents ' brought identities, as well as making sure that they are not controlled by their spouses nor that their identity disappear by the controlling of their spouses” (Joan Templenton). Surprisingly enough many think the same way as Joan. Nora is more than just a female character in the play but rather a character everyone can relate …show more content…
Torvald problems are focused onto Nora, and Nora must work hard and put away her money where he can never see it because she understands that he could never fathom the idea that his defenseless wife (or any other woman) had helped save him and his machismo self. She must work in secrecy to pay off the money she borrowed because it is illegal and wrong in Ibsen’s society for a woman to borrow money without her husband’s permission. As so that is seen as a weak image of Trovald. By motivating Nora’s action in borrowing money, the attitudes of Torvald and society leave Nora vulnerable to Krogstad’s blackmail.
Krogstad later delivered a letter which exposes what Nora has done for her husband. Torvald read Krogstad’s letter and as he reads it he gets boiled up to the point where after he is done he goes insane and get angry very quickly. Nora’s realization that Torvald is in love not to her, but rather to the depicted picture of her not being independent but dependent on him which leads her to come to the decision to abandon him and her children to find

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