Critical Paper : Perspectives On Pentecost

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Critical Paper: Perspectives on Pentecost Dr. Gaffin’s focus upon Pentecost views a supernatural, singular, non repeatable event in church history where the Holy Spirit has been given to the believers present. (Col. 2:17) Their experience is completely unique due to the divine work taking place. This fact shapes our doctrine and our practice in worship today as reformed believers.
The Aramaic and Greek was expected to be heard outside the temple but not inside and especially not various other foreign languages. Why would there be such an exclamation in Acts 2:4 with the multitude of languages represented? These various diverse languages number at least 10-14 separate ones. In lucidity verse 23 and 24 of 1Cor14 cast divine light upon the discussion of the validity of tongues today as the word unlearned is used. This must mean that the language of tongues could be learned by rote. The gift of the Holy Spirit is part of completing Christ’s work of salvation, we are now living stones. Ac. 1:8 As such the baptism of the Spirit is at the time of salvation not at a subsequent time. The churches that believe in continued tongues and prophecy are similar to those leaders who use the title apostle. The true apostles were eye witnesses of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. They were tasked with then witnessing about His life to construct the foundation of the church. Prophecy is only given to some and should always serve to build up, encourage us to greater knowledge faith…

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