Critical Approaches Designed For The Theory And Practice Of Translation

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Write a 1-page essay discussing the kind of critical approaches designed for the theory and practice of translation.
There is no doubt that there are many kinds of critical approaches designed for the theory and practice of translation. The first theory dates back to Cicero and Horace over 2000 years ago. Its main idea focuses on translating the content and culture regardless of the lexical and stylistic features of the original text. Cicero states that “I translate the ideas and their forms” (Schulte & Biguenet 12). Thus, he was interested in translating the idea rather than word-for-word-translation. I.e. he dealt with the concepts of the other language without transfer it literally to their language, but rather translating its meaning. Additionally, the Roman’s translators developed another critical way besides the previous one (appropriation the content), which is surpassing the original text. To put it differently, they regarded the original text as source of inspiration to create new expression in their own language (Schulte & Biguenet 13).
During the renaissance era, the translators were more concerned not with the original but, rather how to enrich their language by revitalizing the power of the original to their own language. As a matter of fact, they enriched their language by surpassing the original language. Clearly enough, both the translators in the Roman and Renaissance era dealt with act of translation as a delicate exploitation of the original text or…

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