Critical Analysis : ' The Storm ' Essay

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Critical Analysis The strengths I found with Caught in the Storm is that it gives an insight perspective of the social work field through the eyes of a non-profit organization. Ferguson, Neuroth-Gatlin, and Borasky wrote this book in narrative form to make it more relatable and straightforward for students to understand how a non-profit functions to get services for their clients. They made understanding how to professionally help clients in an urban area enjoyable and it was interesting to see how social workers mentally handle the stresses of helping their clients overcome obstacles. The book had a clear focus on how to acquire grants to formulate programs and how to go through the proper steps to obtain what is required. I also thought it was clever how the authors thrown in real life scenarios like domestic violence and mortgage foreclosure to address different issues that will come up when establishing plans to help clients. The authors stated at the end of the book, that they found inspiration from how communities, agencies, faith-based organizations, and caring people came together in the aftermath of welfare reform to generate and implement new programs to help low income families (Ferguson, Neuroth-Gatlin, & Borasky, 2010, p. 91). However, the weaknesses I found with this book was when there was a problem that would transpire, there was always an easy solution. I feel that in a non-profit, when an issue surfaces it does not always have a simple resolution. There…

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