Critical Analysis Of Young Goodman Brown

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“Faith, Journey into your soul”: An Annotated Bibliography
“Young Goodman Brown” is a story about a man who is questioning his faith and finish ended up puzzled by a life changing event.
Gregory, Leslie. "The Text of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's "Young Goodman Brown"." American Literature Research and Analysis. 2 May. 2012. Web. 1 August 2015.
The research of “Young Goodman Brown,” explains the various images found in the short story. The two articles helps clarifies Hawthorne’s criticisms over symbols in the story such as the Salem Village, Faith’s pink bonnet, the fellow traveler, the staff, the forest, and using of the term “faith”. I found it interesting that the author made the setting in Salem village which will be the center of the witchcraft
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The problem simply is that his faith was not based on the correct things. He drew strength from the people of his city, religious, family, and his marriage. Inappropriately, all of these things had no true substance that could be used to resist the devil. In my reflection, I trust that Nathaniel Hawthorne used the story “Young Goodman Brown” as a figure of a man’s life journey and what can happen to his faith if it’s not built on God himself.

Robinson, E. Arthur, "The Vision of Goodman Brown: A Source and Interpretation," in American Literature, XXXV.2 (May, 1963): 218-25.
In this article of "The Vision of Goodman Brown: A Source and Interpretation," the main character is not able to trust again, not even in his wife, let alone anyone else. Brown’s opinion about humanity is one of deception. The story is heavy on allegory, and the main symbols of this story are the proper Goodman Brown, his wife Faith and pink ribbons, the traveler meets, and the trip takes.
My point of view, the problem with the society on ethical principles and religious faith is the fact that members of civilization do not reach their own moral choices. When beliefs of the people are around him, his faith is weak and rootless copied.
Shoemaker, Jacqueline. Hawthorne 's Realm of Morality: Biographical Contexts for "Young Goodman

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