Critical Analysis: Northern Summer Window

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Critical Analysis: Northern Summer Window The piece that I chose is Northern Summer Window, the piece is oil paint on canvas, 24 5/16 in. x 20 1/4 in. and was finished in 1936. Marsden Hartley was in American artist - born in 1877 and died in 1943 at the age of 66. Northern Summer Window is a gorgeous piece – the use of pinks, blues and reds. Through the small picture – I can see the small details in the image, texture of the curtains and flowers. While this piece is simply wonderful, the use of artistic relations in the piece really bring it together. Starting with the line work for the painting is elegant – with the use of, from what I can see, thin and curved lines. They’re very flowing, soft and continuous – they all flow in together and make the piece seem soft, comforting, and homey. However, from what I can see – there are mainly straight lines on the bottom side on shapes, for example the clouds, the piece in the window, and there is also the lines on the bottom side of the leaves. While looking at the straight lines, there are also lines in the books and the vase. All the lines make the shapes look stable, yet the looseness of the curtains flow and give the piece a sense of balance. The piece is illustrated during the day – it’s clear; bright and all the items in the piece are illuminated, the two books, flowers in a vase along with the …show more content…
Hartley’s art reflected his many travels around the United States as well as his travels around Europe. Which greatly influenced his art and the many styles that he took on, this styles were also influenced by the range of objects that he was drawing. Ranging from landscapes to vases. Hartley’s Northern Summer Window was finished later in Hartley’s life when he had mastered and refined his art skills. Giving the piece all the key features to be a well-rounded

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