Example Of A Gis Analysis Paper

2. Methods
2.1 Study Area
The figure four shows the study area of the paper. In the west of the map, it is Port Adelaide and flat plains of metropolitan Adelaide. The central north-south range is the Mount Lofty Ranges. There are the banks of the Murray River and its floodplain in the east. The study area is a part of the eastern slope of the Mount Lofty Ranges and the plains west of the Murray River. It shows in pink and green color in the map. Figure 4: Study Area
2.2 Criteria Modeling
To find the most suitable locations for growing quandong, the paper will use a classical GIS analysis technique called criteria modeling. Many experts or government policies set the rules of criteria modeling, which have been used in an extensive area from locating new industries to identifying protected areas. There are two different types of criteria modeling: constraining criteria and preferential criteria. Constraining criteria limits the things to the values of “1” or “0”. “1” represents, for example in the paper, the locations that are suitable for growing quandong; while “0” shows the areas that are not suitable for planting quandong. Preferential criteria point a range of suitable places between the values 0 to 1. “1” shows the areas that are most suitable for quandong growing. There are four criteria in the paper. Table 2 below identifies which of the criteria are constraining and which are preferential; which are biological and which are economic.
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The average annual rainfall is between 250-500mm ✔ ✔
2. Soils are well drained including sandy loam or sandy clay ✔

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