Personal Statement For Public Health Internship At Purdue University

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1st Peter 4:10 “Use your God given gifts to serve others” is a Bible scripture that has been instilled in me for as early as I can remember. With the constant reminder of this verse I can say that I have been on a quest my entire life looking for my “gift”. During my final few semesters at Purdue University I realized the very thing I have been looking for my whole life had presented itself through an internship and just a few courses.
I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as the Public Health Coordinator at A.H. Ismail Center. My position primarily consisted of coordinating, and developing health education programs which aimed at the geriatric population. The position allowed me to work with these individuals to come up with different
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I have done this through my current job at Community Health Network as a patient access specialist in the emergency department. This has put me at the forefront of health emergencies and has sharpened my skills on reacting in a timely manner during emergency situations. I continue to do volunteer work with the American Red Cross, American Heart Association as well as with Community Health Network raising health awareness in different communities. With such an eagerness to learn as much as I can about Public Health I am currently enrolled in an Emergency Preparedness symposium with Indiana’s District 5. After this symposium I will have learn how this district responds to multiple health emergency situations as well as learn valuable skills in emergency preparedness. With a recent HIV breakout in southern Indiana I decided to sign up for Indiana’s Public Health department certification course to become a HIV tester/counselor. Public Health is so broad and I have absolutely enjoyed every encounter I have had thus far. I try to learn as much as I can about my community and its health …show more content…
I would like to promote health awareness by developing programs that will ultimately help improve the population’s health and increase their knowledge of public health issues. A personal goal of mine is to start my own health foundation that will promote health and wellness in children. Earning professional experience in Public Health, and keeping current with public health issues through the Center for Disease and Control and joining the Global Public Health group I feel that it is the perfect time to continue my education. Having experience with taking online classes, I will use the same regime that has worked for me previously. Prior planning and devoting specific times for my studies has and will continue to allow me to be successful in online

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