Critcal Thinking Scenario Essay

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Critical Thinking Scenario
John Doe
August 5, 2015

Critical Thinking Scenario
Wyoming's Upper Green River Valley is a crucial link to Yellowstone ecosystem. Every year thousands of animals including Antelope, Elk, and Mule deer, pass through the valley on a long migration from the Grand Tetons to their winter grazing pastures. This valley is also home to the rare Sage-Grouse. The valley is also the home to the vital trout habitat of the headwaters of the Colorado River. People have compared the green valley river environment to the environment of the Serengeti, because of the spectacular variety of wildlife. Locals and environmentalist say it is starting to look like Saudi Arabia because of the natural gas drilling
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3). Environmentalist and state officials believe the moral responsibility falls on the natural gas industry and doing it right. Doing it right means the moral liability of the natural gas industry to follow policies that protect the leasing and development to drill is off limits to unprotected wild landscapes and sensitive cultural lands. Protection and laws from the adverse impacts of gas or oil drilling on wildlife habitats, drinking water, and surface water quality protection from chemical compounds used in drilling. Air quality needs protection from ozone-forming emissions, methane emissions, and other pollutants that come from natural gas development. Another moral responsibility of the natural gas industry is respecting the rights of landowners, and allow an agency to conduct field monitoring and inspections of drilling plans and sites.
Studies show that natural gas is 30-50 percent cleaner burning than coal. According to “Doing It Right: Ensuring Responsible Natural Gas Development on Our Public Lands” (2011) that natural gas accounted for over a fifth of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in 2008. The graph showed below supports those facts.

Source: Energy Information Administration. “Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States 2008.”

Stakeholders’ moral failings Because of the enormous amounts of profits

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