Essay on Criminology Theory And The Social Learning Theory

1950 Words Jun 8th, 2015 8 Pages
This paper is intended to inform the reader of two Criminology Theories, the Strain Theory and the Social Learning Theory. I chose these two theories because it is my opinion that they are closely related to one another so educating on the two would help one distinguish between the two. A quick introduction to the social learning theory is the thought that everything somebody does and the crimes they commit are based on what society has taught them. The strain theory is the idea that societal strains are what caused the individual to act deviant or commit crimes. I would assert that one of these could bleed into the other depending on circumstances leading up to deviant act or crime. The intent of this paper is to just broaden your knowledge on the two theories and possibly give you the drive to research them more. Criminology Theories This paper will consist of two theories within Criminology. Those theories which will be discussed are Social Learning Theory and the Strain Theory. Both of these theories have outside influence over the individual that is acting deviant or committing a crime. The social learning theory is defined by its name, socially learned. The strain theory is also defined by its name, an event strained the individual that caused the deviant or criminal behavior. Throughout this paper I will define these theories as well as give background to them. I will also give my thoughts on how these theories affect our society and what we as a…

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