Criminology : My Understanding Criminology Course Essay

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Personal Reflection
I enrolled in the Introduction to Criminology course to help develop my understanding and perception of criminology. We are about a month into the course and I have learned a great deal about criminology. Firstly, some of my preconceptions have changed. I developed these preconceptions through various forms of interactions with the media, family, and friends. Secondly, I have learned that statistics do not portray crimes realistically, which causes some people and even myself to have stereotypes that are based on these statistics. Thirdly, I have learned that correlation does not equal causation. For example, just because a particular race commits more crimes, it does not mean all people of that race commit crimes. Finally, this course has improved my understanding of criminology tremendously.
Introduction to Criminology is the first criminology course that I am taking at the University of Windsor, so my knowledge in this field is limited. I was anxious to learn about criminology because criminology has sparked my interest ever since I was a child. The first concept that I discovered was the notion that society cannot function without a set of guidelines that people can live by. These guidelines are put in place based on a set of norms that people cannot violate. Subsequently, when people violate these guidelines they face some sort of consequence whether it is a fine, jail time, or community service depends on the severity of the crime. One of the…

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