Essay on Criminology And The Social Learning Theory

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Theories are the best way to explain criminology and help improve the criminal justice system by finding facts and reasons behind every aspects of a crime starting from the motive and ending with correction and recidivism sometimes. The Social Learning theory in criminology is one of the first and most famous theories of crime. The Social Learning Theory theory basically means that crime is learned and people learn to engage in criminal behavior. (1. Social Learning and Personality Development)

“A person becomes delinquent because of an excel of definitions favorable to the violation of the law over definitions unfavorable to the violation of the law.” (Class Text Book) From that I can learn that based on the Learning Theory no person was born to be a criminal but a criminal had learned to engage in crime, because he learns what can be gained from committing a crime and based on they engage in a criminal behavior.

Albert Bandura was the one who created and developed the the Social Learning Theory, one of the most important and dominant theories ever draft. The Social Learning Theory vigorously implicatively insinuates that there are types of learning where in direct reinforcement is not the causal mechanism; rather, the soi-disant convivial element can result to the development of incipient learning among individuals. Convivial Learning Theory has been utilizable in explicating how people can learn incipient things and develop incipient demeanors by observing other…

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