Criminology and Crime Essay

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To what extent could it be argued that crime is seductive?

To what extent could it be argued that crime is seductive? Throughout this essay I will be discussing contemporary theories that support the idea crime is seductive and contemporary theories that disagree. According to the Oxford Dictionary the definition of ‘Seductive’ is ‘tempting and attractive; enticing’, so is it possible that committing crimes are tempting and enticing? Theories such as Cultural Criminology suggest that crime is indeed seductive because committing crime can provide feelings
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If offending helps people gain control of their life then it could be said that this is the re-conquering of fears. Offenders have to be in control when offending in order for them to not get caught and to achieve their aim; even if a crime is committed spontaneously a person is still in control about how they go about committing the crime. Ferrell (2009) suggests that people who commit acts of crime have an enjoyment in doing it and that they are not just enjoying it but also gaining experience from it. The study Edgework explores the feelings that people get from committing offences. Researchers use criminal verstehen which is a term that was developed by Max Weber. It allows the researcher to connect with the participants on a deeper emotional level. By being this involved in a person’s life it allows criminologists to understand why people develop shoplifting addictions and enjoy street fighting. The study Edgework suggests that crime is seductive because offenders are able to enjoy what they are doing and also gain life experience from their actions.
Mikhail Bakhtin suggests there is a carnival of crime and suggests that time and space play an important factor of deciding whether an activity is deviant and criminal. Activities such as graffiti are seen as anti-social and classed as vandalism. However, in certain designated areas, such as youth clubs and murals, graffiti is acceptable at that time and within that space. This

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