Criminal Violence : A Form Of Restorative Justice Based On Adversarial Approach

3141 Words Dec 11th, 2015 13 Pages
There are several constructive ways to resolve criminal violence. All of the ways are not characteristically similar. The more traditional way to solve criminal violence is punitive justice based on adversarial approach. However, another constructive system is conferencing as a form of restorative justice (RJ) where an informal dialogue is made between the participants. In this essay, the discussion will extend until the analysis of conference’s function, negative feature of prison, nature of outcome from conference for the victim and offender, the nature of offer by conferencing for victim, the healing offer by conference for the participants, advantage and disadvantage of conference for sexual violence, comparative discussion about court and conference concerning sexual offence and a discussion of four myths about conference as a form of RJ. The purpose of the essay is to assess the suitability of conference for criminal violence including sexual assault.

To confirm whether conference is suitable place for crime, it is required to analysis the function of the conference. Conferencing as a form of restorative justice (RJ) is a procedure where concerning people, of a crime or a wrong conduct, are usually involved or the whole community concerning the issue is required to be a part to solve the problem. This RJ cannot resolve the universal problem arising from class, race or gender discrimination. Though, RJ plays a significant role for this universal issues…

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