Importance Of Methods Of Inquiry In Criminal Investigation

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What are the methods of Inquiry? Basically, methods of inquiry are different ways an investigator can gather information for his/her case whether it’s a normal routine investigation or trying to reconstruct a past crime scene. Outside resources such as forensic scientists, computer technicians or anthropologist could be used in order to validate evidence collected. The scientific method is a great tool to use when trying to reconstruct a crime scene. The scientific method is not only for scientists, in fact, it is a great way of thinking. When a detective steps on the scene of a crime, there should be 5 questions answered which are the 5 W’s. Who, what, when, where, why and how; once those questions are answered then he/she will form their hypothesis. There are three main inquiries (research) to gathering information for an investigation like simply talking to innocent bystanders, victims, suspects and families. Information from people are not always accurate, so it’s the investigators job to be able to discover out what information given is actually valuable. One of the most important and reliable way to find information is through physical evidence, whether its blood, fingerprints, or even remains. This ties in with the scientific method because once the evidence is found, forensics comes into play to find out whose …show more content…
The fundamentals of criminal investigations are identifying witnesses, offenders, connecting evidence, from the crime scene to the offender or victim but not limited to apprehending the offender. Since crime scene reconstruction is gaining explicit knowledge of the series of events from a crime then I would describe it as getting more in depth with the witnesses, suspects, victims, and looking deeper into the evidence that was previously and newly discovered in order to find out what really happened and to find the

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