Crime and Punishment Essay

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Melody Fadaee
AP American Literature

Suffer or Suicide: Only Great Men Take the Right Path

In the novel Crime and Punishment, Feodor Dostoevsky illustrates how sinners have a choice to either suffer and face the consequences of their actions, or escape the pain by ending their suffering and ultimately ending their lives. While both Raskolnikov and Svidrigylov are sinners, Raskolnikov’s mental and physical sufferings lead him to ultimately choose to suffer and hope for redemption, whereas Svidrigylov decides to take his life, stopping his incoming suffering. Through his depiction of Raskolnikov and Svidrigylov’s sins and sufferings, along with their decisions to either bear it or end it, Dostoevsky shows that a person’s suffering can
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Even before committing the murder, he already feels disgust for the life that he has chosen to live. Also, the suffering he feels from simply thinking about the idea of the murder, not actually committing it, overcomes the suffering he feels from being so poor, which links back to the way Dostoevsky shows how some sufferings are lesser, or more, than others. In a way, Raskolnikov is acting as if he had no choice but to suffer; that God had put him there as a sort of punishment, as if he deserves better because he finds himself much more superior to those around him. Noting this, it is just to say that the murder itself might have nothing to do with Raskolnikov’s suffering, and that it is due to something else. Regardless, his suffering causes him to become delirious, and ultimately gives him the ability to rationalize the murder.
Alongside that, Raskolnikov’s sufferings make him paranoid to the extent where he is counting every step from his apartment to Alena’s apartment, which paints a picture of incomplete planning and how he is bothered by the loathsomeness and ugliness of the idea of the crime. The constant disgust is something that Raskolnikov cannot seem to get rid of, no matter how beautiful something

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