Crime And Gangs Go Hand Essay

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Crime and gangs go hand in hand. They’ve existed for hundreds of years and will be here hundreds of years from now. The earliest gangs date back to the 1600s when the Italian mafia were established and in the 1800s for the Chinese Triads. Surprisingly, the two have more in common than one may conceive. Both groups originated because of resistance within their countries. The Italian mafia initiated while Sicily was still under the rule of Spain and the Chinese Triad’s during the anti-Manchu resistance. These groups, motivated due to the heinous acts the aristocracy of these two countries were inflicting upon citizens. Today the number of gangs has grown at an exponential rate since similar circumstances within their communities exist.

There are many elements which can cause a person to join a gang. Lifestyles such as poverty can have a tremendous influence over the mindset of young people. Children with parent’s who have dependency issues, lack the parental guidance needed at a young age, which can cause kids to seek the family aspect from gang members. As specified by the National Gang Center, there are five risk categories as to what motivates people to join gangs. The following is an excerpt from their webpage: “Gang research scholars have discovered a multitude of risk factors that are statistically linked to gang joining. These individual risk factors span the many dimensions in a youth’s life and are typically grouped into five categories (called “domains”):…

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