Essay about Creating a Healthy City

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Creating a Healthy City
Environmental health should be a great concern for each individual person as well as our nation and the whole world. Environmental health addresses all the physical, chemical, and biological factors affecting health and our environment.t which includes air, land and water. Environmental health extents to the chemical we use such as BPA and the effects it can and may have on our children, fuel in the economy and additional sources of fuel, building green, environmental disease and sources of energy in which all of these items can have an effect on the environment and our health.
Here are other aspect of environment health that I would have never consider to be part of our concern or environment; but have just as
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Once the plan has been established and implemented it’s important to monitor and evaluate by incorporating views from all groups within the community. These are critical steps in making the city environmental healthy.
In order for Stockbridge to become a healthy city it will require some planning just to implement small changes and goals first then move to larger objectives. One area in which Stockbridge can begin is just to begin implementing a recycling plan. In large cities such as New York they have trash pickup and recycle pickup. Trash has to be divided into two categories. This is something that is a small goal for Stockbridge to introduction to the community. This is a small start but it’s a big change that can help to established or start the process of a healthy environment in the city. Beginning someone where is a start to healthy living.
Having a health city will cost money and time. Money will needed to be generated in order for us to have the community in which we want or deserve to have. Producing a plan is one thing; but have the money to implement the plan is another which could affect the process and progress of the community. Its important for the city official to reach out the people in the community and to give them an understanding of how important is our environment to the city. The present

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