Essay on Craig 's Second Strategy Is Avoiding The Pause

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Craig’s second strategy is avoiding the pause. Students can avoid a persistence gap in terms of non-enrollment by attending full-time, following more structured academic plans, and becoming more engaged (Craig, 2015). Obviously, colleges prefer students to attend full-time and continue their enrollment through to graduation. While Craig disapproves of their emphasis, graduation and retention rates are some of the biggest components within college rankings, so colleges spend a great deal of time and energy devoted to these rates.
Institutions offer most of the services they do because of the importance of helping students persist in their education. Services like academic advising, learning resources, and many others, including counseling centers, exist to help students through their college career. One of the problems with unbundling is that some of these student services may be eliminated for students that need them most if there is not funding for them. Often students do not think that such services are necessary until they get further into their college career.
The third strategy is improving rigor. Craig believes that the emphasis on retention and rankings has shifted the target from students need to be. Teaching and student outcomes must be the primary mission of higher education. General education should be restructured to ensure that the competencies that employers care about are included within the coursework (Craig, 2015).
This strategy is crucial to…

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