Court Report Assignment Essay

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CCJ12 Court Report:

1. Which court did you attend and what was the date of your attendance?

I attended Sydney Downing Centre Local Court in New South Wales on Friday.

2. What kind of hearing did you attend?
(e.g. sentence, summary trial, committal hearing, jury trial, mention, call-over etc)

I attended a sentence hearing for the matter R vs Williamson. His Honour Judge D Frearson SC presided. The defendant had pleaded guilty prior to this hearing on 15th October 2013.

3. What were the charges against the defendant? Were these summary or indictable offences? How did you know this?

Williamson entered a guilty plea to four major charges related to cheating and defrauding Health Services Union (HSU), creating false
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Identify the positions of all the people present (i.e. judge, prosecutor, bailiff, defendant, jury, etc) and give a brief description of their role and what you observed them do in the courtroom during your visit.

Present in the courtroom were the Judge, bailiff, defence prosecutor, defence counsel, defendant, media and a large number of public.

Judge - According to Findlay et el, the role of the judge during a sentencing hearing carries much weight and responsibility as he must take into account, and carefully measure, not only the facts that are presented to him and the sentencing laws attached to those facts, however he must simultaneously consider the best outcome for all parties in addition to ruminating as to which sentencing aims best reflect the public attitudes towards that particular offence to ensure that the sentence handed down is in harmony with both sentencing laws and community expectation for that particular case. The judge is also bestowed the task of maintaining order during the proceedings.

During this particular sentencing hearing, I witnessed the Judge coordinate the media to the jury stalls to accommodate seating for the vast numbers present, read out the charges before the defendant, explain to the court the maximum penalty applied to each of said charges under the NSW Crimes Act, reiterate the charges then explain in more detail the circumstances and facts behind each charge and the nature of the offence as

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