Course Project Decision Management 530 Essay

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Deciding how to Market Royale Resort Hotel Product offerings in a Competitive Market.
(Course Project)

Bisi O. Thomas
DeVry University - Keller School of Management.

Professor – Victoria Ashiru
Managerial Decision-Making (MGMT530)
May 15, 2013

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3 Problem Statement 5
Since the stakeholders revokes their contract with Regale Properties whose str market?” ategy is to host the city’s festival as marketing strategy to launch the hotel product offerings into the market and prefer moving into franchise with Marriott for best reasons known to them. The decision problem becomes “How do we better position and market the hotel product offerings into the mature competitive To better define the
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Preparations and arrangements are already in top gear as adverts, publicity are on while invitations already send out to special guests or the events. Reservations and bookings of hotel rooms for guests, attendees are in progress, as the hotel rooms are booked. Hosting the event is imminent to the consulting group and its management team. Not holding the event is tantamount to bad image for the new developed hotel while transitioning to franchise is critical to hosting the festival.
What event triggered the situation?
Launching the hotel products into the competitive market so far will have been ideal but the sudden revocation of contract by the stakeholders resulting from their deliberation after the turn out of events prior to the festival gets everyone panicked.
Are we imposing constraints on the situation?
There are serious concerns that can pose as constraints regarding the situation at hand. The first concern is the cause of sudden revocation of contract. There is need to ascertain why the contract is revoked. There is need to ascertain when the revocation takes effect, immediately or right after hosting the festival. Confirm the possibility of the management hosting the city’s festival or handing over to new management group. Consider the impact of the contract revocation on the festival and the present management team. Consider the impact of

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