Cosmetic Surgery And Its Effects Essay

1495 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Cosmetic surgery. Haven’t we all thought about it at one time or another? Whether seeing celebrities having it done on TV or wondering what you could look like. Having any type of surgery can be a huge process and can take a long time in regards to deciding when and if you should have it. Even smaller surgeries, such as having wisdom teeth pulled takes a time and effort into deciding when and where it should be done. You must decide on who is the most qualified to do the surgery and how long you will take off work or school for recovery. Surgeries to enhance femininity or masculinity are not like getting teeth pulled it is not as common, it’s more expensive; it requires a lot more thought going into it. It’s important to understand why people would want to change the way they look. Surgery is not for everyone and it doesn’t necessarily have to be used to make someone have bigger lips or a skinner waist, but it can also be used to make someone comfortable in their own skin. I’m not just talking about sex reassignment surgery; I’m talking about everything in between like hair removal to facial reconstruction and even nonsurgical changes like voice training. An idea that surgeries to enhance femininity or masculinity should be regulated or restricted according to a person’s gender at birth is wrong because others can’t control how another person looks or wants to look from surgery and it depends on how comfortable the person undergoing surgery is in their own skin.

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