Corruption Of Corruption And Corruption Essay

1913 Words Jun 1st, 2016 8 Pages
Many of the people in our communities wonder what will happen to our future if abuse and corruption continues. There can never be peace with corruption. Corruption can lead to many things which makes brutality happen. If a location isn’t corrupt there will be more laws enforced even for an officer if he or she does the wrong duty in a situation. This helps at some extent towards nonviolent behavior but there are always good lawyers who prevent officers from going to jail.
So many people live in this world and don’t notice what’s going on around them because they simply don’t care. It’s always good to be aware of what happens in your community because it might affect you. In today’s generation people don’t have the time to focus on cops and the media. They have other important things to do which makes brutality still continue. There are still a majority of people who don’t do anything about the corruption and abuse going on around their community. If that majority would to stand up against police brutality cops would have a smaller chance to abuse because they would most likely be monitored.
If we would monitor cops people would have respect towards cops because they have nothing to hide as the proof is monitored. This will help the community and society in positive ways because they always think about the negatives of a cop and they are afraid to approach an officer physically or even verbally. We need to end this fear from cops and fear about other important things that…

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