Essay on Correlation Between Crime And Deviance

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Before I start to define, measure and contrast both crime and deviance I believe it only appropriate to firstly clarify what the actual words mean. Crime is typically described as someone or something which violates or breaks criminal law, as opposed to deviance that can often have a wider spectrum to determine. Deviance itself can be construed as something illegal that is against social norms.
Examples of these we can use is that of murder, this is most definitely a crime and not socially acceptable, nor is it to be related to the offence in its entirety. Whereas speeding, something which is illegal and is policed, yet is performed by the clear majority of drivers on the road today, making this a crime as you may be prosecuted for the offence however as the potential to be caught is drastically lower than the actual outcome; people tend to push boundaries to increase their speed when they see fit. These are not set in stone, and are subject to change, maybe a deviant act becomes an actual crime and that of a crime just raises itself through society to make it more acceptable hence becoming more acceptable, as mentioned above murder is a clear crime, and personally cannot ever seeing this becoming deviant. However, lowering the form of “murder” to deviant, just to be socially acceptable is becoming more and more apparent. For example, causing death by dangerous driving is a prosecutable offence, however does not come with as much clout as saying that person murdered…

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