Correlation between Attitude and Behavior Essay

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Does Behavior always follow from Attitudes?
We have maintained that attitude affects behavior. Early research on attitudes assumed that they were causally related to behavior; that is, the attitude that people hold determines what they do. Common sense, too, suggests a relationship. Isn’t it logical that people watch television programs that they say they like or that employees try to avoid assignments they find distasteful.
However, in the late 1960s, this assumed relationships between attitude and behavior was challenged by a review of the research. Based on an evaluation of a number of studies that investigated the attitudes-behavior relationship, the reviewer concluded that the attitudes were unrelated to behavior or at best,
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When they are asked about their attitudes and they don’t have strong convictions or feelings, self-perception theory says they tend to create plausible answers.—
1.Managers need to focus on employees’ behaviors not on attitudes. We presume that good employees are good because of their attitudes so we try to change the attitudes of our unsuccessful employees. Successful employees have good attitiudes it is not the other way around.

I’ve never heard a manager say about an employee, “He is a problem employee, his behavior on the job isterrible, but I love his attitude so I am going to keep him around even though office morale is dropping likestone.” It is all about behavior. Bob
Main Components of Attitudes
After various research projects by HR experts in the field it is assumed that attitudes have three components:cognition, affect and behavior. Let’s look at each of these components. The belief that ‘discrimination is wrong’ is anevaluative statement. Such an opinion is the cognitive component of an attitude. It sets the stage for the more critical ofan attitude – its affective component. Affect is the emotional or feeling segment of an attitude and is reflected in thestatement ‘I don’t like John because he discriminates against minorities’. Affect can lead to behavioral outcomes. Thebehavioral component of an attitude refers to an intention to behave in a certain way toward someone or something. So,to

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