Corporate Ethics And Corporate Lobbying Essay

738 Words Dec 13th, 2016 3 Pages
The bottom line is that corporate actions meant to influence a decision in favor of personal gains are unethical, regardless of whether or not lobbying remains legal. Mega-corporations rarely dump millions of dollars into federal and state campaigns for the benefit of American citizens – they are driven by profit motives. An additional ethical implication of corporate lobbying is a specter of “corporate nepotism” that restricts the profession of lobbying to those who have previous connections in Washington or Wall Street, while excluding those who don’t. Consequently, corporate lobbying remains a closed-circuit process limited to only the most influential actors. In the 2012 election cycle, nearly one-third of the $6 billion in identifiable campaign contributions came from just 0.01% of the entire United States population (Drutman 236). Potential Ethical Framework While the purposes of corporations immersed in the competitive environment of American Capitalism may be perfectly legitimate, the strategies these corporations utilize in order to maximize profits are morally problematic (Neron 2016, 725). The central ethical concerns arise when corporations begin to profit at other citizens’ expense and/or exploit institutional structures. Therefore, the following ethical framework for judging Corporate Political Actions (CPAs) will focus on whether or not the CPA 1) has an appropriate goal and 2) uses the appropriate means to achieve that goal. For instance, whereas…

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