Corporal Punishment Is A Discipline Process Essay

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Corporal Punishment is a discipline process in which a supervising adult intentionally causes pain upon a child in reaction to a child 's intolerable behavior and/or unsuitable language. Corporal punishment is defined under human-rights law as "any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort" (Stephey 2009). The reason for such punishment is typically to stop the misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and set an example for the other students. The objective is to change the child 's behavior and to make it more reliable with the teacher’s expectations. In corporal punishment, the teacher or principal usually hits the child 's backside with a hand, paddles, yardstick, belt, or other objects expected to cause fright and pain. In the majority of cases it is administered by the principal or supervisor and witnessed by a licensed employee, and sometimes the parent or guardian if they wish to join or sometimes do the paddling themselves. Teachers or principals may strike students no more than three times on the buttocks or upper thighs with a wooden paddle, which is often 15 inches long (Adwar 2014).
History shows corporal punishment dating back to the primary known laws. Corporal punishment has had the support for thousands of years from explanation of legal and religious doctrines, including those beliefs based on Judeo-Christian and other religions (Bauman 1998). In the United States, corporal punishment has been a traditional…

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