Essay about Copper Sun : A Real View Of Slavery

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The book copper sun is about a real view of slavery .There was a Pale-skinned visitor that was from a African village. Although they make you worry you still help welcome them with a feast. Your fears come to realize,however as the visitors massacre the villagers including your parents and little brother, and tear you away from your betrothed.copper sun is describes as 15-year-old Amari 's capture and life as a slave in 1738.
Fifteen-year-old Amari loves life in her home village in Africa. She spends her days daydreaming about her handsome future husband, teasing her little brother, and avoiding chores. But everything changes the day the pale-faced visitors came to her village. Everyone comes together for a celebration to welcome the strangers.But then their world was shattered as the strangers start killing the adults and young children. Amari look shock as her parents drop dead from gunfire. Her little brother yells at her to run into the jungle for safety. But Amari got captured and her was brother was shot dead.
Amari and the other young people find themselves chained together and forced to walk for days.
The started to Packed them tightly into ships, Amari 's people being to have horrible conditions: hunger, thirst, sickness, lying in their own waste, and rape multiple times.More and more die and are tossed overboard. but Amari survives with encouragement from a woman named Afi, who tells Amari that she has to live and she has a purpose in life and she must find…

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