Pavlov Contributions

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This week I wanted to talk a little more about Pavlov. I find Pavlov and his research very interesting, and I find it even more interesting that people only think of Pavlov for his theories of conditioning. There are many more things that make up Pavlov’s contribution to psychology, including other psychologists that we would not even know about without Pavlov. This topic fits into this class because the entire section of 3.2 is about Pavlov. I am hoping that this will bring up some new information about Ivan Pavlov that we are not usually taught about.
I want to talk about his life leading up to the point that we have all gotten to know him from; Pavlov lived a very unique life. I want to talk about his contributions, and maybe non-contributions to psychology. And lastly, I want to talk about other psychologists that he has inspired. They would not be here if not for Pavlov’s work, and of course, neither would their
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One of the most obvious ones is B. F. Skinner. Skinner had originally wanted to be a writer and majored in English. He read an article that had been published in the Times Magazine about Pavlov. Skinner became a huge fan and had the article signed by Pavlov a couple years later. They say that it hung in his office the rest of his life. Skinner, and his Skinner box (a variation of the puzzle box), would not have ever happened if not for the article published about Ivan Pavlov. Another famous psychologist that was largely influenced by Pavlov was John B. Watson. He went on to do research on conditioning to elicit behavior; most of us know the “Little Albert” study, where Watson made an infant terrified of a little furry animal by pairing it with a very loud noise, or an aversive stimulus. The infant cried whenever he heard the noise, and eventually he associated the animal with the loud noise, so that whenever he saw the animal, he would begin to

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