Contract Law And An Oral Contract Essay example

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Contracts, which “in the simplest definition, [are] promise[s] enforceable by law,” 2 have partially been around since the time of human creation, however, contract law “will not be found, in any significant degree, in precommercial societies,” 2 as it “is the product of a business civilization.” 2 Contracts have presented themselves in various forms since their time of creation, yet the most difficult type of contract to get a grasp on is an oral contract: a “spoken agreement that [is] sometimes legally binding.” 6 When consulting the average American citizen, “you may hear that an oral agreement is just as valid as a written agreement. However, in a court of law, a written contract ordinarily trumps an oral contract. This means that in disputes, should there be a disagreement on a provision of the contract, the Court will use the written provisions of the contract to interpret the meaning before it will consider the oral agreement.” 1 With this in mind, it is exceedingly important to delve into the topic of contract law, more specifically oral contract law, in order to strengthen one’s knowledge on the topic. Though “oral contracts can be enforceable, there are certain times when a written contract is required in order to be enforceable.” 3 When a requirement such as this arises, “the Statute of Frauds [becomes] involved,” 3 meaning that, “certain contracts [need] to be in writing and signed by the parties bound by the contract [in order] to prevent fraud and other…

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