Contemporary Art Issues: Digital Art in Malaysia Essay example

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Digital art started around 1952 in US when Ben F. Laposky produced Oscillon Number Four. Artist always eager to produce something that beyond limitation of technology and mostly, artist at that time is computer programmer because no graphic software was available at that time. Herbert W. Franke, John Withney Sr. and Ben F. Laposky are one of the pioneers in digital art.
Ben Laposky has created first graphic image generated by an analog machine. A mathematician and artist from Iowa, he produced this image by using manipulated electronic beam display across the fluorescent face of an oscilloscope's cathode-ray tube and then recorded onto high-speed film.

Malaysia Era of Digital Art

Digital art in Malaysia started in
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The work like Roger Coquart, Jeremy Gardiner, Kammerer-Luka, Joan Truckenbrod, Margot Lovejoy, Jean-Pierre Yvaral and John Pearson also fits into fixed computer works on traditional supports.

Analysis of Artwork

Artwork of Hasnul J Saidon Kdek! Kdek! Ong display an image of frog and tempurung is one of sinical idea to tell audience that information and tecnology should not be abandone. Even though art is about originality, digital art also have the same identity that not differenciate digital and conventional art. Combination of computer and conventional artwork is very attractive yet delivers the message very clearly. Usage of mixing red, green and blue colour in this artwork shows the feeling of anxiety and unclearly thoughts which is very primary and leads to rejection of new idea and technology. Tempurung were design as a platform to represent the society and their idea still on the bottom, no progress happen where as the frog in the screen (which already accepting the new idea) is already out of tempurung and stay on the top of the rest.


Conclusion can be made through observation and it show that lack of knowledge, rejection of new idea and romantic value are still the main point of audience in Malaysia did not accepting digital art as an art with value. We still insist the conservative way of art in order to give value of an artwork. Hence photography and video is accepted as an art, digital art is still create

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