Essay on Consumption Theory : A Dynamic And Intricate System

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Consumption theory has had three different traditions: alienation and commodity fetishism, the Veblenesque, and the psychological (Dunn, 2008).
Modern society, according to Dunn, has created a dynamic and intricate system were the objects purpose is economic (2008). The nineteenth century saw the expansion of the material goods world due to the rise of industrial capitalism which was accompanied by a change of thought regarding the fundamental nature of the relationship between the subject and object (Dunn, 2008). Thinkers such as, Marx, and Hegel attributed this as the “disintegration of traditional ways of life in the material and intellectual ferment of capitalist modernity” (Dunn, 2008). Furthermore, there was a newly developed desire for goods which drove the industrial revolution by creating a demand which exceeded the supply that was available. As the exchange of commodities and services forms a market society, this creates a social framework which operates on economic gain, and thus social relations are shaped by economic interests (Dunn, 2008). Simmel and Lukacs, describe this relationship as being between the principle of market exchange and the rationalization of culture, which is the change of traditions, values, and emotions as motivators for behavior in society with rational, or calculated ones. (Dunn, 2008). Additionally, the form of the commodity is the product and result of alienation which is the foundation of consumer society (Dunn, 2008). This thought was…

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